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How to look younger with makeup?

How to look younger with makeup?

In the spring so I want to apply a new makeup to look more beautiful, brighter, younger.

Traces of aging can greatly hide using moderate, modest, easy and correct application of the age makeup.



To make up looked beautiful and natural, andperson has acquired a healthy shine and rested appearance, before application to the skin of the face cosmetics, you need to moisturize the skin well. Use a quality moisturizer daily. To correct deficiencies, use a light foundation loose texture, the color is slightly lighter shade of your skin, otherwise it can highlight blemishes and wrinkles deepen.


Watch out for the eyebrows, which with age become more dense, that does not make your face younger. Remove excess hair tweezers, maintaining the correct, natural brow line.


Moisten lips lip balm. The best color of lipstick - it is pink and all shades of this color. Juiciness and freshness will give your face a lip gloss.


Shadows for eyes should be bright, light colors, because dark colors can make over your eyes, and look heavy.


That the skin began to look healthy, you canApply on the face blush. They look natural and are able to animate the face rouge on a cream base, pink or peach color. To look younger, do not use shades of orange and brown.

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