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How to look younger than their age

How to look younger than their age

Is there anything in the world, women who do not want to look younger? In pursuit of eternal youth, women resort to various, sometimes radical methods.

Although sometimes it is enough to stick to the most simple way and look at this perfectly.

Pick a suitable hairstyle

Choosing the right hairstyle can makewoman younger by several years. So if you go for a long time with the same styling and do not feel young and happy, rather go to the hairdresser. A competent specialist will help you find the most suitable option. Perhaps you just cut off bangs, and along with it, and 5-7 years of your age, or offer something more radical, until the change of the usual hair color.

Use less makeup

If you use a bright shade, thick painteyelashes and at the same time can not do without powder, blush and a bright lipstick, now it's time to reduce the consumption of the immense benefits of the cosmetic industry and return to the natural beauty. Learn how to do makeup in the style of "naturel", so you will look much younger. Delicate and light natural tones enhance the beauty and expressiveness of the eyes look, skillfully deposited tonal foundation and concealer will hide small wrinkles.

Watch out for power

Try to eat right, reduceflour consumption of sweet, fatty and smoked. Enter a rule every day to eat a large portion of salad with fresh vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil. Fiber-rich vegetables improve digestion and fill the inside of the skin, hair and nails vitamins.

Review the contents of her wardrobe

Find the perfect style of clothing thatAdjust the figure flaws and accentuate her dignity. Look at the color of the younger you are, and what makes you older. If you find it difficult to decide for themselves in the fashion world, solve this issue with the help of a good stylist.

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