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How to look to like


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How often, communicating with people at work, studying, inGuests, on a date, you ask yourself the question: "What should I do and how to look to like?" The desire to please others is quite normal and you should never be shy about it.

Because public recognition, sympathy from your friends, acquaintances and relatives is the key to your self-confidence.

You will need

  • In order to please others, you, inFirst of all, you need to love yourself and the people who are near you. The desire to be yourself and live up to your own expectations in life, according to many psychologists, can also help in achieving the goal. Here are some simple recommendations that can be useful in communicating with others.



Get rid of modesty. It is said that modesty paints a person, but only in a gray color. In other words, one should not be excessively modest, especially when others expect from you initiatives, bold actions and decisions. Try to work, for example, do not be afraid to speak out and defend your opinion when necessary, and in an informal setting with friends, be unconventional in your behavior, avoiding generally accepted patterns and predictable actions.

Have fun and enjoy life


To date, they are becoming popularVideo courses and video books with recommendations for the correct submission of themselves in the community. And for good reason. Ability to attract the attention of others, the art of self-presentation, presentable appearance are the key to successful interaction in society and social recognition.

Learn to behave correctly


After you have learned the artSelf-promotion and got rid of excessive, and sometimes inappropriate modesty, pay attention to your appearance. Since the proverb "After the clothes are met ..." has not been canceled yet, be careful when choosing your clothes and personal style. Try to dress so that it always corresponds to the situation in which you are. For example, too pretentious or bright dress, dressed for work, can instantly alienate your colleagues from you. A too strict view of a party with friends will give you a serious look and scare them away.

Dress with taste

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