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How to look stylish?


How to look stylish?</a>

Some sense of style is given from birth, and someone needs to learn this.

However, any woman can look stylish.

Style is a generally accepted concept of beauty andAesthetics, which consists of the harmony of the outer and inner world of man. In order to look stylish, it is not necessary to follow the latest fashion trends. It is necessary to determine what is pleasing to you, to listen to yourself, but at the same time to take into account uncomplicated rules.

Makeup and hairstyle

The total absence of any hairstyle and staleHair will never look stylish. Daily complex laying here to anything, it is enough to collect the hair in a neat tail or bundle. For short hair, a haircut is suitable, which can easily be adjusted with a comb.

Mejkap must necessarily correspond to the place andTime. Daytime make-up is perfect for a hike to work, and an evening one, brighter - for a solemn event. However, make sure that it does not look vulgar and vulgar.

Choosing clothes

Clothing plays an important role in creating the image of a stylish woman. You should choose it carefully. Things in this case do not have to be ultra-trendy and very expensive.

It is necessary first of all to create a basic wardrobe,In which qualitative, discreet and easily combined things should be presented, and then complement them with more interesting and beautiful objects. This approach will help you create a set of stylish sets from a minimal amount of clothes.

Along with this, it is worth following the following rules:

The size. All things must match your size. Pulling tight jeans you will not seem slimmer, and a baggy sweater will not hide the extra pounds.

Colour. Do not use more than oneThree colors, and do not combine cold shades with warm colors. The ideal and win-win option is the combination of bright accessories with neutral colors.

Style. Do not mix clothes of different styles in one image. For example, the sports elements of the wardrobe are by no means combined with elegant dresses.


Competently selected accessories will give a stylishA kind of even the most simple side. Quality shoes or bags emphasize the style of the image. When choosing jewelry, the main thing is not to overdo it. You should choose neutral clothes without jewelry, if you want to focus on costume jewelry.

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