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How to look smart

How to look smart

For the female sex in society are ambiguous.

Some men believe that women are inferior to the strong floor in intellect.

To destroy this stereotype may only those who are able to look intelligently in any situation.



Be able to make a good first impression. If you are trying to meet or talk, do not blink, surprised, nervous and all kind show restraint. Be collected and confident. Try to speak correctly and legibly. Do not stretch the word.


Think about your appearance. Dress more strictly than usual. Wear jackets, blouses, pants or skirts. Pin up hair barrette or make beautiful styling. Apply Makeup is not too bright, and if possible reduce it to a minimum. You can also add a few additional accessories, such as glasses and briefcase instead of the usual handbag.


Book a nice room for your phone,then make a stack of business cards by placing them your name, number and photo. So you can share contacts with people, and they will be sure of the seriousness of your intentions.


Respond intelligently provocative questions. If you do not answer or do not want to answer, practice beforehand smoothly away from the topic in such cases. If you feel that you have said or done something pretty stupid, it is better not to succumb to embarrassment. Continue to maintain a calm and confident look.


Expand your horizons, not to fall face in thedirt during conversations with people. Read more books, try to keep abreast of the latest developments in the world. Be sure that at least well versed in any one area. Learn courtesy and etiquette, in any case does not behave rudely in society and do not use bad language. It is also best to avoid the word-parasites in speech.


Be a good listener and attentive, ifYou feel that you can not shine intelligence in conversation. Give your interlocutors an opportunity to speak, and just listen to yourself agreeing with them and periodically inserting into the conversation a few words.

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