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How to look nice

How to look nice

Each woman pays a lot of attention to their appearance, and tend to work on themselves and on their own beauty is never complete without cosmetics.

A rare woman can go out without make-up, despite the fact that almost everyone supports the idea that the best beauty - is a natural and naturalness.

What you need to do in order to look nice and well-groomed without make-up, using only their natural beauty for the conquest of other people?



In the first place, gaining confidence. Recognize own beauty and uniqueness, feel their own value. Believe that you will not make much prettier than with makeup on his face. In order to face without makeup did not seem unusual to you, start to gradually reduce the amount of applied makeup, try on some days to do without cosmetics.


Look carefully at your own face,Meet again with your appearance. Adjust the shape of eyebrows, giving them a neat appearance - well-groomed eyebrows without any makeup will decorate your face and make the look more expressive.


Learn how to properly care for your skin. Once a week treat mild skin peeling or scrub, use a caring and moisturizing creams, impose a hydrating mask, visit a beautician. Do not wash too often - washing more than twice a day can wash away the natural protective layer of the skin. Before going to bed, wipe your face with a piece of ice.


In order to emphasize the natural beauty, easy use hygienic cosmetics - transparent matting powder, hygienic lipstick, mascara gel.


In hot and sunny weather, put on your skinmilk or cream that protects skin from UV rays and do not forget to wear sunglasses that will avoid the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.


Well-kept appearance of women necessarilyIt includes a beautiful and healthy hair. Do not forget about hair care - using natural shampoos, conditioners and masks that nourish the hair and protect them from harmful influences. Try not to dye your hair too bright and extreme colors. Regularly wash and brush your hair, use air conditioning.


Make yourself a proper diet - healthylifestyle is necessary for maintaining the outer beauty. Drink at least 10 glasses of pure water per day, include in the diet of foods rich in fiber. Eat enough vitamins and minerals.


Make sure you are getting enough sleep - lack of sleepIt does not give the body to rest and recuperate. Get enough sleep at least 7-8 hours a day is required to you, if you want to look beautiful and well-groomed.

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