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How to look good in the morning after a party

This situation is familiar to many - was a party yesterday and today to go to work.

Walked you are good, but do not get enough sleep, and yesterday's alcohol and sultry smoky room did not add beauty.

The reflection in the mirror is not happy, it justdepressing. The bruises under his eyes, pale and swollen face, tousled hair and smelling of tobacco - as in this form can be somewhere to go? But all fixable, and depending on how much time you have in the morning, and the program will be based emergency their appearance.

In any case, the first step is to remove residuesyesterday's make-up, if you have not done so in the evening. Of course, not allowed to go to bed made up and we know it well, but there are times that this happens. We will not blame myself for it, and quickly clean the face. Usually we drink morning coffee or tea, but today is a special case, so you need to make a daisy. This herbal infusion, drunk on an empty stomach will help get swelling face. If there is a home parsley, and you can make it, the effect will be even better.

If the time you have left a little bit,most go in the shower. Will help to wake up and feel more energetic flavors of mint or citrus, which are usually saturated with the morning shower gels. Then you need to lie down for five minutes to seven, putting on eye compresses of iced tea or rose water. The person at the same time it is possible to smear yogurt or sour cream from the refrigerator. Then it will be good to wash with warm tea, and after that to wipe the face of ice cubes. Herbal ice should always be left in the freezer. Now it remains only to apply day cream and make-up, and now you have quite a decent view.

If the time in the morning more then it is already possibleto revive itself in full. It is necessary to take a bath with invigorating essential oils (rosemary highly recommended) and sea salt. Of course, it is necessary to wash your hair to remove the smell of tobacco. Do not forget to apply the mask instead of balm, hair too should energize. We'll have to make and restoring mask for the face. This can be in the range of formulations: cream and cucumber juice, banana and egg yolk, milled oatmeal, egg yolk and olive oil. Hold this masochku will have 20 minutes and then wash with warm and cold water at the end.

Then you need to be sure to eat breakfast. Now it is exactly the case when the fatty and salty foods will prostrate body only benefit. So you can imagine fry bacon and eggs, as well drink kefir. Now you can begin to make-up. Today set aside a bright, especially red lipstick. It will attract too much attention to the face, so it is better to use pastel colors or a neutral lip gloss.

Do not need it in this time, and with black eyelinerbright shades. Even the black mascara should be replaced on a soft brown. Rich colors makeup can only emphasize the eye fatigue. But the blush will be very appropriate, revive and refresh too pale face.

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