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How to look good after a sleepless night

How to look good after a sleepless night

You had fun in the club all night or hanging out with friends, while celebrating the Holiday? In the morning may appear swelling, circles under the eyes.

These problems can be prevented.

But if they have any, you can do with them.



Going to bed early in the morning, be sure to remove makeup. Place a pillow under your head high. So you, accelerating lymph flow, avoid swelling.


If the swelling appeared, should helpthe use of thermal water. To do this, spray it on your face for 5 minutes, leaning over the bath. spray pressure in conjunction with members of the microelements reduce swelling.


Then, to improve microcirculation, anti-tarnish skin, apply a face scrub. Distribute it from the bottom up, using a massaging motion. So you reduce the edema, speeding up circulation.


After removing the scrub, apply a face mask,contains intensive moisturizing, soothing ingredients. Having put it evenly on the skin, lie down quietly for about 15 minutes hydrated skin will look fresher.


To make the eye compress. Use the tea bags, cool them in advance. Green tea is due to anti-oxidant suitable for this purpose.


After these procedures apply to the face moisturizing serum, cream. It is better to choose means with light reflecting particles. They will give your face shine, signs of fatigue and become invisible.

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