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How to look for summer cool and nice

How to look for summer cool and nice

Summer - the sun, the sea, the heady scent of the flowers and a good mood.

People always look forward to it, and it flies by. In the summer all the women look particularly tempting.

To and winter frost-summer look flirty and fresh, follow some simple rules.



Summer - time for naturalness. Put heavy tonal resources, they do not need to create a radiant summer image. Instead, regular cleaning and moisturizing the skin. Avoid powder shadows, they create the impression of the cream on the cake. It is better to use the tanning to give the skin a tanned look seductive.


Do not lie for hours under the harmful raysUV. You can look tanned using cosmetics that create simulated sunburn. The main proceed gradually. To tan was uniform, the skin should be smooth and moisturized. Therefore, make regular exfoliation and apply on body moisturizer. Maintain a tan is a snap. If you notice that the skin is brightened, then apply a thin layer of new tanning. But keep in mind, if you do it too often, the skin may become orange.


Summer means a light natural makeup. You can save your favorite color palette, create a lightweight summer version. If you like bright lipstick, use it in combination with a transparent lip gloss. Try trendy summer colors of eye shadow - blue, yellow, orange colors and their shades. Avoid heavy powder blush - buy a light cream color texture natural blush.


Summer image most often associated with airbeach hairstyles. To create an image of a girl with beach, sprinkle with hair spray special, which includes sea salt. Then, gently stroking their fingers, dry naturally. To achieve a greater effect of weightlessness, you can make a big perm.

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