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How to look beautiful when you are sick

How to look beautiful when you are sick

Spring - it is a difficult period for the female body. The long winter spent strength and durability of immunity, not enough vitamins and sunny weather.

We think about how to stay beautiful, no matter what.



A variety of nasal drops rapidly dehydrateskin. It does not look attractive red on the wings and under the nose. To cope with the problem will help any intensive moisturizing mask and cooling gel. This not only helps to saturate the skin, but also save you from the headache.


The area around the nose is rubbed constantlyhandkerchief, so do not forget to moisturize it regularly, every two hours, apply rich cream. Remember the lips, they are dry and cracked in the period of the disease. Before bedtime smear nourishing balm with natural oils problematic facial zones.


Use beauty tools for aromatherapy. For example, peppermint helps with nasal congestion. In addition, fresh scent gives your skin energy boost. Take a bubble bath, containing an extract of the leaves of peppermint and spearmint.


Remember that beautiful color - a signhealth. Instead pink shade of blush, apply a coral. The fact is that the orange pigment visually tightens. Also use a little bronzer, because it will emphasize the line of cheekbones and give a soft warm glow.


Smile to yourself and others, because positive mood improves immunity. Go to sleep a little longer, your body will thank you. Do not sit at home and walk better.

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