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How to look beautiful in summer


How to look beautiful in summer</a>

In the summer you want to look especially beautiful. Relax on the beach, party or gatherings on the open veranda of the cafe - you should be in shape, despite the heat or light summer rain.

Use the minimum amount of properly selected cosmetics, pay attention to facial and body care - and you will always look great.

You will need

  • - decorative cosmetics on a water basis-
  • - non-alcoholic perfume-
  • - balm for the body-
  • - sunscreen means-
  • - autosunburn-
  • - styling agents for the hair.



In the summer heat, do not abuse cosmetics. Refuse from a thick foundation - it is better to replace it with a moisturizing fluid with a light golden hue. Instead of lipstick, use a tinted balm or a non-sticky luster of natural colors.


Pay attention to the makeup of the eyes. For them, shade-cream on a water basis is suitable. They can also be used as a liner. Choose original bright colors, combining them with a touch of your eyes or your summer outfit. Apply waterproof mascara to eyelashes - it does not flow, does not crumble, and does not require correction during the day.


Do not forget about perfume. Instead of the usual perfume, use light, non-alcohol haze - they can be applied to the entire body and hair. Suited and fragrant sticks. Such funds are convenient to carry with you, updating the fragrance throughout the day.


In summer, the beauty of the skin is very important. Before going to bed, cleanse your face with a light milk or emulsion. At night, apply a moisturizing fluid, and in the daytime use a light whey that smoothes the skin. Once or twice a week, do exfoliating treatments, treating the face and body with a salt or sugar based scrub.


To give the skin a beautiful shade will help specialBalms for the body. These non-greasy and non-sticky products are applied with a soft sponge. The composition of balms includes moisturizers, light fragrances and tiny glitters, giving the skin a healthy radiance. To support a beautiful shade of a skin autosunburns will help - put them twice a week and carefully grind to achieve as much as possible natural result.


It is very important to protect the skin from the sun. Before going out to the street, apply to the face and body with a high protection against ultraviolet rays. The pale your skin, the higher the protection factor it needs.


A beautiful and uncomplicated hairstyle can becomeA real decoration. Make a suitable haircut - on its basis you can create a variety of styling. Buy modern styling products. A spray based on sea water will give the locks a volume and elasticity, a light gel will help create a wet hair effect, and a varnish with a sunscreen will protect the hair from the adverse effects of the environment.


Do not do complicated laying. For the summer, funny knots, horse tails and a variety of braids will be more suitable, which can be decorated with bright costume jewelry and artificial flowers.

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