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How to look beautiful in the summer

How to look beautiful in summer

In summer, I want to look especially beautiful. Relax on the beach, party gatherings or on the outdoor veranda café - you have to be in shape, despite the heat, or light summer rain.

Use the minimum number of properly selected cosmetics, pay attention to care for face and body - and you'll always look great.

You will need

  • - Decorative cosmetics on the base of a water
  • - Besspirtovoj parfyumeriya-
  • - Balm tela-
  • - Sun-materials-
  • - avtozagar-
  • - Styling products for hair.



In the heat of summer should not abuse cosmetics. Avoid dense foundation - it is better to replace a moisturizing fluid with a slight golden tinge. Instead, use a painting lipstick balm or non-sticky gloss natural colors.


Pay attention to the make-up of eyes. They are suitable for the shadow-water-based cream. They can be used as a liner. Choose the original bright colors, combining them with a touch of eye or your summer attire. On the lashes, apply waterproof mascara - it does not leak, does not crumble and does not require correction during the day.


Do not forget the perfume. Instead of the usual spirits, use alcohol-free light haze - they can be applied to the whole body and hair. Suit and scented sticks. Such means is easy to carry, refreshing fragrance throughout the day.


Summer is very important skin beauty. Before going to bed clean face light milk or emulsion. At night, apply moisturizing fluid, and during the day, use a light serum that smoothes the skin. Once or twice a week, spend a peeling procedure, treating the face and body scrub based on salt or sugar.


It gives the skin a beautiful shade of special helpbalms for the body. These low-fat and non-adhesive means applied soft sponge. The composition of balms include moisturizers, light flavors and tiny sequins, giving the skin a healthy glow. Support a beautiful shade of skin tanning can help - apply them twice a week and rub thoroughly to achieve the most natural result.


It is important to protect your skin from the sun. Before going outdoors, apply on face and body means a high UV protection. The paler your skin is, the more protection it needs factor.


Beautiful and simple hairstyle can bereal decoration. Make a suitable hairstyle - on this basis, you can create a variety of styling. Buy modern styling tools. Spray on the basis of sea water will give volume and elasticity of curls, light gel will help to create the effect of wet hair and nail with sunscreen to protect hair from the adverse effects of the environment.


Do not sophisticated styling. For summer fun more suitable knots, ponytails and braids variety, which can be decorated with bright jewelry and artificial flowers.

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