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LONG false nails or elegant French manicure?

Long artificial nails or elegant French manicure?

Artificial nails have become extremely popular as a quick and easy way to decorate your hands.

But the fashion for artificial nails quickly passed.

To date, the majority of women prefer natural beauty.

Features manicure with artificial nails

Artificial nails some time ago beganenjoy great popularity. Once the technology was invented nail women gladly began to do a manicure in the salon. At first it was extremely fashionable. Artificial nails painted bright lacquer, decorated with patterns, sequins. This manicure became a sign of wealth and good taste of its owner.

Nail helps improve the appearance of thin and brittle nails irregular shape.

Currently, the fashion for long false nailsI passed. Some stylists even consider them to be a sign of bad taste. In addition, many women themselves began to abandon the nail, preferring natural beauty. It has been proved that building spoils the nail plate. The field of this procedure, some women even had to treat a fungus of the nail plate. In such cases, one can speak of unqualified wizard, but in fact no one client is not immune from the consequences, making the beauty salon or at home nail.
Bright manicure on false nails may lookvulgar. In any case under it should be adapted accordingly. Woman in jeans, a sports shirt and false nails looks ridiculous. In addition, a manicure brings a lot of inconvenience in everyday life. Most men admit that they do not want to see on their second halves of false nails.

French manicure - the choice of most modern women

In place of false nails come fashionFrench manicure. This type of manicure is still very popular among women of all ages, social status and wealth. In addition, it fits almost every way. This manicure can afford and elegant ladies and fit student prefers sports style clothing.
The classic French manicure involvesapplying to the free edge of the nail varnish white. After drying, this layer is applied on the entire nail varnish translucent color. Currently, there are a huge number of varieties of the French manicure. Every woman can choose for themselves the most preferred option.
French manicure can be a signgood taste. It helps a woman look strict, but at the same time, well-groomed. Some modern profession suggest wearing extremely low-key manicure. In many companies, false nails bright dress code prohibited.
French manicure makes it very beneficialemphasize the expensive rings, bracelets, watches, as in this case, others will pay attention to the decoration itself, the beauty of women's hands, rather than the bright nails.

Every woman has the right to decide what to prefer a manicure. It is desirable to listen to the advice of stylists and take into account the latest trends in world fashion.

At present, some women preferlittle increase nail plate, but asked the master to make such nails French manicure. Stylists say that this solution is acceptable. Nail short length enables a few to improve the natural shape of the nail, if necessary. A discreet french manicure allows a woman to look elegant.

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