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How to block the card Tele2

In life, there may be situations whenthere is a need to lock the personal SIM card. However, there are many mobile operators, each of which maps the blocking process can be individualized.

Lately, especially popular mobile communication Tele2.

Therefore, you should know how to suspend the card in case of emergency.



Primarily it should be noted that suchActions may be associated with the loss or theft of a mobile phone. After all, not all people are able to return a found item to the owner. Therefore, in order to save your number and available funds in the account of intruders, is to block the lost card Tele2.


To lock this SIM card, you cancall the toll-free number 611. As a rule, the implementation of such a service operator asks a specific code word that has been previously established by the subscriber and, accordingly, passport data, which are registered with lockable Tele2 card number. In the event that the information in this document is not available, it is possible to tell the dispatcher the special PUK-code is provided with the SIM card.


Furthermore, if there is spare time, the bestjust visit the center, specializing in working with clients who use the services of Tele2. Experts of the organization will provide an opportunity to get a duplicate of a lost SIM cards, with the presentation of compulsory identity document. In the case of such a task trustee will need to take care of the registration of power of attorney. Also, in addition to help with blocking card service center staff can assist law enforcement authorities to search for offenders in the case of theft of a cell phone. For this purpose only should make his own declaration of all the details of what happened.


It should be borne in mind that the recoverylost sim card Tele2 carried out free of charge. And the amount that the subscriber pays for getting a duplicate immediately transferred to the account after activation.

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