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LIVING with lilac wallpaper

Living room with blue wallpaper

Whatever the interior did not attend wallpaper lilac color, they will be associated with the spring, the first buds of flowers, fragrant lilacs.

Various combination of lilac wallpaper help to relax, so they are often used in the decoration of the walls of living rooms.

But still it is necessary to take into account certain nuances, making out in the living room this color.

Pokleit wallpaper in the living room purple - goodchoice. Various designs, patterns, colors, images, squares, triangles and other intricate geometrical shapes can make the room more mysterious.

Classical living

Here purple wallpaper will go well withcream, dairy or white furniture. Yet they can be combined in green, blue, lemon décor. Use textile items made of cotton or linen - it will emphasize the nobility and purity of classical style.

Living in Art Deco style

Even in this style are often used lilacColour. But it is important to have a dark brown or black elements, silver or gold ornaments, frames, etc. You can use thick curtains and light curtains for light amplification effect.

Vintage living

Here you can easily choose the purple wallpaper few bright colors. But pick up the furniture and accessories darker. Blind also has to be transparent and light.

Living in style minimalism

Then combine purple wallpaper coldtransparent color with white. Add bright accents, they will also be relevant here, as in the classical style. For example, it will be interesting to look yellow furniture and green carpet.

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