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How to live with their parents

Cohabitation with parents requires a lot of patience

The problem of their own homes, standing in front of the young couple, forcing them to agree to live with their parents.

At the same time, both couples are aware of possible problems.



At the beginning of your cohabitation betteragree among themselves on the rules. This may concern public spaces, cleaning, cooking, behavior in general. Do not forget that you are on the territory of the parents who have already established a certain rhythm of life. For them, as people age, it will be difficult to make changes in your lifestyle. Having agreed on an amicable way, try not to break the accepted rules. This will help you avoid many problems.


Your second half will also be difficult to get along with your parents. In fact, they are strangers to your spousepeople. The way you put yourself will depend on their relationship. No need to be a "mama's boy" or "mother's daughter" that make all the parents say. After all, you already have a family, and you are responsible for the decisions taken.


In the event of a dispute, gently,but firmly explain to parents their position, bring arguments. Parents realize that you can do to solve the problem, and you establish yourself in the eyes of your husband (wife).


Also, all the questions you need to find out fromabout rents (payment for utilities). It is better to pay for their own part. So you once again prove their independence and be able to avoid future complaints from parents.


If possible, seek to acquire (remove) a separate living space. Not every husband can live with strangers parents for a long time. Over time, the problems can adversely affect your relationship.

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