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HOW live in the present?

How to live in the present?

Do not spit into the wind. You have to be in the flow of life.

In aikido, to defeat an opponent, you need to use against him his own strength, and to succumb to carry along. Just as in real life.

Instead of going against the traffic, it is better to obey the avalanche, use its power for themselves.

Much time and effort is given to the resistance. If the work is not particularly loved, waiting weekend begins on Monday. Each evening, coming home from work, we look at the clock - there still remains a lot of free time? What a mess - soon back to work!
In the morning I do not want to get out of bed and go towork. And still we have, but the forces have already spent on the resistance. Wasted. Over the weekend, we are again looking at the clock. Well, Saturday is over, one Sunday left and again to work. On Sunday, every hour counts down the end of freedom, as soon Monday.
And so all the time. In winter, want to summer, summer - the end of the heat, the spring and the fall - the end of the slush. Enjoy life almost never fails in full force. It passes his childhood - in anticipation of youth, maturity - in anticipation of freedom from work, and the pension instead of the expected satisfaction and relaxation brings regret and not the dream and irrevocably lost time.
Obey the flow of life, its flow! Summer is still over, autumn will be replaced in the winter, spring will come by itself, without your constant experience. The Power of Now, I will put in the time, feel happy. After all, happiness - the word "now"!
Future No, it has not yet come. Past - it has already passed, and nothing in it can not be changed. There is only the present, everything is just there. The future and the past, which will come later ...

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