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How to live introvert

How to live introvert

Psychology distinguishes between two personality types: extroverts and introverts.

The modern world is more oriented towards extroverts whose qualities create an image of successful people, introverts are often so difficult to live in such an environment.

It is important not to deal with this feature, and to accept it and learn to behave according to their nature.



Introverts extroverts differ from thatderive their energy not from the outside world and the people around them, and seek it within themselves. Introversion is often confused with reticence, uncommunicative, social phobia, but actually an introvert can, if desired, be sociable, not shy, open and friendly. But connecting with others and focus on the outside world require him of energy, so the periods of solitude and privacy is very important to him.


Introverts more difficult to live in a modern society,where qualities such as sociability, activity, curiosity, the desire for competition and openness are considered important and are encouraged and isolation, reticence, secrecy censured and are perceived as weaknesses. Popularity noisy concerts, huge open offices, tours in several cities in five days in the company of other tourists and other phenomena indicate that life is mainly aimed at extroverts.


Parents extroverts try to "stir up" theirchildren, thereby forming their complexes, the school seeks to instill in students the desire for social activity, causing a rejection of the child. These shortcuts lead to the fact that the introvert begins to consider itself defective and trying to deal with its own characteristics, and in fact - with himself, but results are not achieved. Introverts can learn to successfully simulate extraversion, many and often communicate with people spending more time in the community, but it takes away their power, so they are still looking for privacy to relax.


Do not fight with its own characteristics. Do not change yourself for the world, and try to remake it for themselves. This does not mean you have to break all ties and left alone. You must learn to take breaks and rest to recover their strength. Try to avoid those situations in which you will suffer from his introversion - do not go to noisy parties, not empty talk, keep in line, do not let people barely familiar to invade privacy. But do not forget about that, too, do not give up communication skills.


Adapts to its own characteristics. Find a job that suits your needs - it is not necessary to be a manager to work with clients and become an accountant, writer, editor. If you are going for a vacation, choose not crowded place, small hotels, do not take the tour, and consider the attractions on their own or in the company of family or friends.


Develop self-confidence, introverts tend toworry about small things and find fault in themselves, but such an attitude will lead to low self-esteem and high anxiety. Love yourself and do not treat nature with respect.

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