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Little hero

Little hero

If you have a son, your main taskparents - to give a great and worthy future for your child and raise a polite, intelligent and kind man. This can depend on many factors: the family environment surrounding environment- proper upbringing.

That is why you should understand how to educate the future knight of whom would dream of all the girls.

Before coming to the upbringing of the child, you need to realize a few steps.

Do not ridicule the child for it, for example,feminine behavior, he's still a child and needs care and affection mom and dad. It should tactfully, politely and quietly tells him what to do and how to behave in a particular situatsii- avoid statements such as "All the boys - bullies", because it is not so.

Such phrases convince the child that anythe issue can be solved kulakami- teach a child to respect, understand and forgive others. These aspects of education are extremely important, as they provide an initial start in adult life.

It is these aspects of the improvement of the daddy with mum and should do for the life of the child, in order to achieve excellent results.

On what conditions it depends on the proper education of the child? First of all, on the situation and environment in which it is located. By environment are parents, relatives, friends and the world.

Watching you, the parents, they can become selfish or clever. Remember that he is looking at how you decide this or that problem and makes for a certain conclusions.

Dad stands out between the two parents,and that's it for Dad has some helpful tips: be engaged in the education of his son since birth, and not with any particular vozrasta- spend more time with the child, even though the employment, because communication with you, the father, is especially important for children.

Remember, your credibility is the most important priority actions and behavior of the child.

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