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If you have a son, your main taskParents - to give a wonderful and worthy future to your child and educate a polite, intelligent and kind person. This task may depend on a variety of factors: the environment - the family environment - proper upbringing.

That's why you need to understand how to educate the future knight, which all girls would dream of.

Before you come to the education of such a child, you need to realize a few steps.

Do not ridicule the child for his, for example,Women's behavior, he is still a child and needs the care and affection of the pope and mother. It is necessary to tactfully, politely and calmly tell him what to do and how to behave in this or that situation-avoid such a statement as "All the boys are fussy", because this is far from the case.

Such phrases convince the child that anyThe question can be solved by kulaks- teach the child to respect, understand and forgive other people. Such aspects of upbringing are extremely important, since they give an initial start to the life of an adult.

It is the improvement of these aspects of the pope and mother that should be engaged in the whole life of the child in order to achieve excellent results.

From what conditions does the correct upbringing of the child depend? First of all, from the environment and the environment in which it is located. The environment includes parents, relatives, friends and the world around them.

Watching you, parents, they can become selfish or clever. Remember that he looks at how you solve this or that problem and makes certain conclusions for yourself.

Between the two parents, the pope stands out,And here it is for the pope that there are several useful tips: do your son's education from birth, and not from a certain age, spend more time with your child, even though you are busy, because communicating with you, father, is especially important for the child.

Remember that your credibility will be the most important priority of the child's actions and behavior.

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