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How to listen to the radio through the computer

How to listen to the radio through the computer

Ether is the most popular radio stations you can listen to for a long time not only to ordinary receivers.

The ability to enjoy music programs and gives any modern computer.


You can attach a specialdevice - FM-tuner. It costs about a thousand rubles, and allows you to listen to local radio stations (just like in a car). Included with the FM-tuner is usually software with which you can play on a computer radio flux.

Online radio stations

The easiest way - to listen to the radio on the Internet. All you need only basic skills of working with sites and stable Internet connection. His speed should be at least 128 kbit / s, and this connection today provides almost all providers.
To listen to the radio online, it is necessary to find a siteyou are interested in radio. Make it simple: go into a search engine (Yandex, Google, etc.) and type the name. Clicking on one of the first lines will take you to the correct resource, which gives instructions for listening to the ether.
However, look for the official sites do not necessarily. You can find portals that allow to choose among dozens or even hundreds of radio stations. Search is possible by various phrases (such as "listen to the radio").

Media Players

Ether radio stations you can listen to and throughmusic players (Windows Media Player, AIMP, Winamp, etc.). But first you need to find the radio flux file which then will be opened by these programs. Such a file is called a playlist, it has an extension pls. It can be found in various Internet resources, including those that have been described above. For example, you go to the site of any radio station, you find there is a section on listening to live online. Usually, it is given some links to files with the extension pls. This is exactly what you need.
Once the file is downloaded, it must beopen the player. For example, take the Winamp. Open the program, click "File" - "Open". In the resulting window, select the downloaded playlist, pressing OK. It will be added to the playlist, and then will need to click on it twice or click on «Play». If your Internet connection is OK, the computer will play the desired radio.

Special programs

For those who do not like the above methods,There is another - to establish a program for listening to radio stations. One - All-Radio. Using it is very simple: go to the main main window, select the tab «Radio», a proposal to clarify the parameters of the selected radio channel and enjoy.

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