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How to Listen Silver rain

How to listen to Silver rain

The radio station "Silver rain" broadcasts in a number of Russian cities.

And in the cities where its transmitters available, as well as abroad, it can be listened to via the Internet, the sound quality will be even better.

You will need

  • - Radio or device to which he vhodit-
  • - a computer-
  • - smartfon-
  • - the tablet.



To listen to "Silver Rain" over the airUse the radio, the radio or stereo system with a range of VHF-2, also called FM (88-108 MHz). Some cities require a receiver with a range of VHF-1 (65-74 MHz). If the broadcast is in the range of VHF-2, to listen to and will suit many devices with built-in FM-tuner:. Players, mobile phones, etc. You can also try to find the frequency of the "Silver Rain" in the range of their own, listening to all stations and waiting for the names of the ad, but it a long time, especially if a lot of stations in the city. Greatly facilitate the task of the receiver with RDS. If your city "Silver rain" sends a signal that standard, when it set up the receiver will display the text «SILVER» or similar.


If the hand is a computer or otherdevice with Internet access, go to a page http://silver.ru/regions/cities/ radio. You will see a map of the Russian Federation, which shows the city in which the station is being broadcast. Cities where broadcasting has already begun, marked by red badges with black signatures, and those where only the beginning of the broadcast is planned - blue icons with blue signatures. But to show this card requires Flash Player, and if it is not, scroll below. You will see a text list of cities where broadcasts "Silver rain", as well as cities, where it is planned to broadcast. Ibid specified frequency. Find your city and if it is listed, set the receiver to the proper frequency.


With unlimited internet to listen to "Silverrain "can be, and where it is not on the air broadcasts. To do this, on the same page, select the link for the desired baud rate (48 or 128 kilobytes per second), as well as listening to a process - directly in your browser, or in third-party player. To listen to online again need plugin Flash Player, which may not be on many mobile platforms. Sided same player can be any support streaming technology. Such programs have for various operating systems running on desktops and laptops, so for most platforms used on mobile phones and tablets.

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