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How to liquidate a firm

How to liquidate a firm

According to statistics, only one in ten company achieves success in business.

The rest will sooner or later cease to be profitable.

To protect yourself from a life-long putting "zero" balance necessary to liquidate a firm.



To eliminate firm report about the beginning of the liquidation processthe authorized state body. Today, the role of such a body acts as the Federal Tax Service, which brings in about registration records register, reorganization and liquidation of companies. To alert the tax service fill form number R15001.


Appoint a liquidator (liquidated commission). This action also inform the auditors by completing the form number R15002. Since the appointment of a liquidator all the powers to manage the company's activities are transferred to him.


Make sure that the liquidator has published informationon the Elimination of the magazine, which is designed to enter data on the registration of legal entities. Also make sure that your ad was shown not only the fact that the closure of the company, but also the periods during which creditors may present their claims (end of life should not be appointed earlier than two months after publication).


Conduct an inventory of assets and liabilitiescompany. Make sure that during this process the liquidator identify all creditors of the company and sent them a written notice that the organization will soon be closed. Take care also about the interests of the owners: the liquidator must by all means seek to recover receivables.


When will the time period during which atcreditors had the opportunity to present their claims, make an interim liquidation balance sheet, which will contain information about the requirements, lenders presented with the results of their consideration, as well as data on the composition of the company's property. Fill in the form number R15003 and submit it to the tax office together with the interim liquidation balance sheet.


Pay off debt. If the repayment of property debt of the company will not be enough, it is calculated in the following order: first, before the citizens for damage to life and health that shall be firm, then severance pay and debts to employees, then pay the debt before the budget, and after that pays the money the remaining creditors.


Make a liquidation balance sheet and submit it to theTax Office together with the application form number R16001 and receipt of payment of state duty. Ensure that FTS has made in the Unified record of liquidation of the company.

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