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LIQUID wallpaper: advantages, application technology


Liquid wallpaper: advantages, application technology</a>

Liquid wallpaper has little to do with conventionalRoll - initially they are a dry material, packaged in bags, that is, it is something between the wallpaper and decorative plaster, while the liquid wallpaper has the advantages of both, with a minimum of flaws.

Liquid wallpaper consists of natural fibers,Mixed with dyes, plasticizers, decorative elements and glue. It is the cellulose or silk base of such wallpaper that distinguishes them qualitatively from decorative plaster. Liquid wallpaper can be used for finishing any premises, except for very wet.

Advantages of liquid wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper - a very good material, both in practical terms, and in decorative, and therefore, to buy it - a reasonable solution.

One of the main advantages of liquid wallpaper -Environmental friendliness. This finishing material is made of natural ingredients, so it does not emit any harmful substances, moreover, it is able to "breathe", creating an optimal microclimate in the room. That is why it is often used in children's rooms.

Liquid wallpaper is very convenient in the event that the wall has doors, notches, protrusions.

Liquid wallpaper allows you to create a surface without seams, so in appearance they favorably differ even from the most high-quality and correctly pasted roll wallpaper.

Damaged liquid wallpaper is very easy to repair, it is enough to clean old wallpaper and apply new ones in this place. In this case, there are no difficulties with the selection of the pattern and seams.

Liquid wallpaper - an elastic material, so they are never formed cracks.

Liquid wallpaper, especially with a silk base, is very durable, they practically do not burn out in the sun.

With the help of liquid wallpaper on the walls you can create real pictures, and for this you do not need to have special skills or artistic abilities.

Technology of application of liquid wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper refers to that class of materials,For work with which special skills are not needed. And, if the label of the usual wallpaper turns your apartment into a place unfit for habitation - everywhere glue, rolls of wallpaper, dust and dirt, the application of liquid practically does not affect the usual rhythm, you can quietly put the wallpaper day after day and quietly live in the same room , Not experiencing any discomfort.

Before applying liquid wallpaper, the walls must be prepared - remove all old coatings from them, align, primed and apply background paint if necessary.

Liquid wallpaper, like any other material, can be of different quality, cheap wallpaper from unknown companies will bring you more frustration than the pleasures of beautiful walls.

The wallpaper itself needs to be stirred with water inProportions, which is specified in the instruction. Then wait for a certain time, which is also indicated in the instructions. After the mixture is ready, you can start applying liquid wallpaper to the surface of the wall or ceiling. For this, special plastic floats are used. Apply the wallpaper to a layer of approximately 2 mm. In no case should you be allowed to apply circular motions, only reciprocating. Correct the wallpaper can be within 2 hours after application. After 48 hours the wallpaper is completely dry.

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