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LINEN for weakened hair oil


For those who suffer from dandruff, split ends of hair and damaged hair, flax oil will be a godsend.

Regular use of this oil helps to restore the hair and make them shine.

Linseed oil dandruff
To get rid of dandruff and itching to put onpalm a little oil from flax seeds, rub in a circular motion and massage the scalp, rubbing oil for about 15 minutes. Within a week of the regular massage itching reduced and after 2 weeks will start to disappear dandruff.
Oil for split ends
With the split ends will have to fight longer. 3 hours before shampooing apply on hair ends warmed linseed oil, then thoroughly rinse shampoo. A month later, the structure of the hair will start to recover.
Mask for hair restoration
You must take in equal proportions crudeflax seed oil and the juice of a fresh lemon. The mixture is slightly warm, and add to them any essential oil. Apply the oil on the hair length and well combed. For a deeper effect of the hair wrap with cellophane and put on a hat and wrap a bath towel.
Mask hold a maximum of 2 hours, after which washhair shampoo. After this procedure, it is desirable to let the hair dry naturally, then they become shiny, soft and gradually restore hair structure.

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