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How to link to blogs


How to link to blogs</a>

Links in the blog, in addition to the standard copy of the address from the address bar, can have a wide variety of views, including hiding even in points and spaces.

For such registration, you need to arrange links using HTML tags.



The simplest way of linking: & lt-a href = & quot-PAGE ADDRESS & quot; & gt- Your text & lt- / a & gt-. In this case, it will be encrypted into the link text, and the address will not be visible.


With this design: & lt-a href = & quot; -PAGE ADDRESS & quot; -target & quot ;- & gt- & gt- & gt- & gt- & gt- / a & gt- - the link hidden in the text will open in a new window.


You can add a comment to the link thatWill open in a new window. In this case, the design of the link will look like this: & lt-a href = & quot; -PAGE ADDRESS & quot; -target = & quot; -blank & quot; title = & quot; -sent your comment & quot; & gt-text & lt- / a & gt-


To become a link is a picture, use thisCode: & lt-a href = & quot; -PAGE ADDRESS & quot; -targeted & quot; & gt; & lt-img src = & quot; URL of the image & quot; & gt- & lt- / a & gt-. When you hover over it, an explanatory text appears, and the link opens in a new window.


You can give Link Not only on the site, but also on the mailing address. In this case, use the code: & lt-a href = mailto: mail address & gt-Write me an e-mail & lt- / a & gt-. As a result, by clicking on Link Will open the mail program configuredFrom the default visitor to the page, and in the "Address" field your mailing address will be indicated. When you right-click your mouse, your reader will be able to copy your e-mail and write through another mail service.

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