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How to make links clickable


How to make links clickable</a>

Communication and interaction on the Internet can notTo happen without a link exchange? Links allow you to go from site to site and join interactive space. By exchanging comments on blogs or on forums, you often feel like sharing an interesting link with your interlocutors.

The easiest way is to copy the required link from the address bar and paste it into the message text, but your link in the form of a clickable text will look much more accurate.



In order to create a clickable link, use the well-known HTML tag & lt-a href = & gt- & lt- / a & gt-.


After the equal sign, insert the address copied from the browser string that you want to share with the others, and inside the tag, between the angle brackets, enter the text of the future References, Which will be displayed in a clickable form in your message. Thus, the code for References Will look like this: & lt-a href =? PAGE URL? & Gt- YOUR TEXT & lt- / a & gt-.


You can create a clickable link not onlyFrom the text string, but also from any image. To turn a picture into a link, use the following code: & lt-a href =? PAGE URL? & Gt- & lt-img src =? PICTURE URL? & Gt- & lt- / a & gt-.


If you want the link that your interlocutor clicked to open not in the current window, but in a new window, modify the code like this: & lt-a href =? URL PAGES? Target =? _ Blank? & Gt-YOUR TEXT & lt- / a & gt-


To create clickable links, you can use not only the a href tag, but also the url tag. Copy the address of the page from the address bar of the browser. Use the following code to insert References: [Url = PAGES ADDRESS] TEXT LINKS [/ url]


The result will be the same as in the previousThe case? The link will turn into a text string, which when clicked allows you to go to a particular site. However, the url tag does not work correctly on all sites, so it is recommended to use the universal HTML tag a href.

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