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HOW pumpkin affects the human body

As pumpkin affects the human body

The fruits and vegetables so good that sometimes one wonders how generously we have by nature.

The most common berry - pumpkin - a huge number of substances that help maintain the health of the person.

Pumpkin perfectly stored for a long time at room temperature, and thus its quality greatly improved.

Pumpkin can be called a champion in contentnutrients necessary for normal functioning of the human body. It is greater than 90% water, however, the pulp also contains vitamins A, C, E, D, PP, K, B vitamins and vitamin sufficiently rare T. pumpkin also have amino acids, pectins, proteins, carbohydrates, glucose, cellulose, fructose and various minerals - fluorine, potassium, magnesium, copper, calcium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus and iodine.

Furthermore, the number of the iron is pumpkinchampion among vegetables, and proteins it contains more than quail eggs. Also, it is five times more carrot carotene content, but it is known in the body is transformed into vitamin A, which is a potent antioxidant.

Pumpkin eaten raw, boiled in, out of her make juice in the food are also pumpkin seeds. Effect of pumpkin on the human body is very beneficial:

* It helps the intestine (has a laxative effect). It is useful for gastritis and kolite-
* Reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, hypertension and other illnesses of the cardiovascular system
* Promotes passage of biochemical processes in the liver and kidney function (may affect the dissolution of kidney stones or bladder) -
* Outputs of cell cholesterol, toxins, slag, thereby improving immunitet-
* Displays the body of excess fluid, promoting pohudeniyu-
* Contribute to the healing of diseases of the urinary system-
* Improves male potency and can be a means of preventing prostatita-
* Has beneficial effects on the nervous system, has a calming effect (helps to overcome irritability, improve sleep, strengthen attention and memory) -
* Helps prevent eye diseases and view-strengthening
* It is used topically to treat burns, inflammation and abscesses.

Pumpkin can be used at home as a cosmetic, as it improves skin and hair, if you do regular pumpkin mask.

With all the benefits of pumpkin it can not have the people,suffering from duodenal ulcer and stomach, gastritis with low acidity and a violation of the acid-alkaline balance. In severe form of diabetes it is also not recommended.

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