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How to polish glass


How to polish glass</a>

The goals pursued by polishing are eliminationNumerous scuffs and scratches on the surface of the windshield, formed during the operation of the car with poor-quality, worn-out windshield wipers.

You will need

  • Polishing machine or electric drill,
  • Felt felt wheel? 3 m ?,
  • Polishing paste,
  • Water spray.



As a rule, such work is performed by masters in a specialized car service. Glass polishing requires expensive equipment that not every car owner can buy.


But for those who still decided to restore the ideal surface of the glass of his car, it is necessary to take into account several key points of this procedure.


First, do not useElectric grinding machine (? Grinder?) For polishing glass, t. Its torque is much higher than the required speed for polishing the glass surface. In this case, the electric drill, according to its technical characteristics, having 1200-1700 obmin, is more optimal.


Secondly, to fix the polishing wheel,Consisting of felt material, in the cartridge of an electric drill, only a nozzle with "Velcro" is used. Any others will not be able to provide high-quality polishing of the glasses.


Thirdly, with particular scrupulousness, approach theThe choice of polishing paste. From its properties and quality depends the result of painstaking work on the restoration of the glass surface. In no event can you buy pasty dubious production. Although they are sold at a lower cost in the retail network than imported ones, such a saving may result in an inevitable replacement of the windscreen.


Before the process of polishing glass, it must be thoroughly washed with a glass cleaning liquid.


Then apply a small amount of polishing paste on the felt wheel, and reciprocatingly start polishing the damaged areas on the glass.


In the process, spray from time to timePolished surface with water from a sprayer. The frictional force is accompanied by the release of heat, due to which, the polishing paste dries, and it must be constantly wet, only in this condition, the paste will ensure a high-quality polishing of the glass surface.

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