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HOW polishing glass

How to polish glass

The goals of the polishing - is the elimination ofmany scuffs and scratches on the surface of the windshield, resulting in service the car with poor quality, worn wipers.

You will need

  • Polishing machine or electric,
  • Felt polishing circle? 3 m ?,
  • polishing paste,
  • spray bottle for water.



Typically, such work is done by specialized craftsmen in the service station. For polishing glasses required expensive equipment, which is not every car owner will be able to purchase.


But for those who still decided to restore the perfect surface of your car window, you must consider a few key points of the procedure.


Firstly, in any case, do not useshifovalnuyu electric typewriter (? grinders?) for polishing glass, as its torque is much greater than the required speed for polishing glass surface. In this case, an electric drill, its technical characteristics, having obmin 1200-1700, more optimal.


Secondly, for securing the polishing wheel,consisting of felt material, in the chuck of an electric, it applies only to the head? Velcro ?. Any others will not be able to provide high-quality polished glass.


Third, a special delicacy to comethe choice of polishing paste. From its properties and quality depends on the result of painstaking work to restore the glass surface. In no case can not acquire a paste questionable production. Even though they are sold at a lower cost in the retail network in comparison with import, but such savings could result in the inevitable replacement of the windshield.


Prior to the polishing process of the glass, it must be thoroughly cleaned with a liquid for washing glasses.


Then apply a small amount of polishing paste on a felt circle, and back and forth movements of the start polishing of damaged spots on the glass.


In the process, periodically sprayedpolished surface of the water spray. The friction force is accompanied by heat, makes it possible for anything, polishing paste dries up, and it needs to be constantly moist, but in this state, the paste will provide high-quality polished glass surface.

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