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As Ivan the Terrible thought out calendar

IE Repin. "Ivan the Terrible and his Son November 16, 1581".

"The Tale of How Ivan the Terrible calendar invented" - short dramatization included in one of the editions of the show "Comedy Club".

Nothing to do it, of course, is not the real story, but to lift the mood of the viewer is able to.



The plot of this staging, which was published in the summer of 2013year next. By Ivan the Terrible (dozhivshemu to the present day, as the Old Slavonic language he does not understand, and asked to speak to the modern Russian), played by Garik Kharlamov, it comes with a petition Proshka representative of the people, the role played by Timur Batrutdinov. All according Proshka well in the country today, except for one. No calendar. Untitled not only months, but even seasons.


And the king begins to invent. Initially, he concludes that the seasons should be four, because the year is divided into four sharply differing period. And it gives these periods names, very clearly characterizing. Proshko enjoy these titles, but he believes this division insufficient. Now, if each of the seasons divided into three parts!


This idea immediately falls to Ivan the Terrible liked. He begins, of course, in the winter. The second and third winter months they come up with the name, it is not similar to the real thing, but it can cause a smile even in very gloomy spectator. Then - Spring. The first two months of its king gives an equally funny name, but he, along with a third Proshka decides to assign a short name consisting of three letters. "May".


In the summer and autumn months fantasy IvanTerrible and Proshka ends. They are given names that are very similar to the real thing. Still funny. Stayed the first month of winter, it is the last month of the year. Here the characters are used staging imagination that have been so carefully saved. "Votivsёbr"!


At the end, the hero Timur Batrutdinovareveals the mystery. He previously invented his own version, which is not reported until the last king, fearing that he would not like. It coincide with the real names of months. The reaction of the hero Garik Kharlamov is surprising - it takes this option.

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