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How Ivan the Terrible thought up a calendar


I.E. Repin. "Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan November 16, 1581".</a>

"A Tale of how Ivan the Terrible Calendar Invented" - a short dramatization, included in one of the releases of the show "Comedy Club".

It has nothing to do with the real story, of course, but the mood is able to lift the spectator.



The plot of this staging, released in the summer of 2013Year, next. To Ivan the Terrible (who has survived to our days, since he does not understand the Old Slavic language, and asks to speak in modern Russian), the role of which is performed by Garik Kharlamov, comes from the petition of the representative of the people of Proshka, whose role is played by Timur Batrutdinov. All, according to Proshka, is good today in the country, except for one. No calendar. Not only months, but even seasons are not named.


And the king begins to invent. First he concludes that there should be four seasons, since the year is divided into four periods that are very different from each other. And gives these periods names that clearly characterize them. Proshka likes these names, but he considers such a division insufficient. Now, if each of the seasons are divided into three parts!


This idea immediately belongs to Ivan the Terrible. He begins, of course, since the winter. For the second and third winter months, they come up with names that are not at all like real ones, but they can even bring a smile to a very moody spectator. Then it's spring. For the first two months of her life the king gives such ridiculous names, but the third, together with Proshka, decides to assign a short name consisting of three letters. "May".


In the summer and autumn months Ivan's fantasyTerrible and Proshki ends. They give them names that are very similar to the real ones. But still funny. The first month of winter is left, it is the last month of the year. And here the heroes of the stage adaptation find the use of fantasy, which was so carefully economized before. "Votivseb"!


At the end of the performance the hero of Timur BatrutdinovReveals the secret. He pre-invented his version, which he did not inform the king until the last, fearing that he would not like it. In it, the names of the months coincide with the real ones. The reaction of the hero Garik Kharlamov is unexpected - he takes this option.

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