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How to Dance Tango


How to Dance Tango</a>

Tango is a dance of passion and love.

It can even be mastered by a newcomer. Haste this dance does not suffer, but slowness is inappropriate here.

To perform tango, as in love, it is enough to listen to your body and completely obey your partner.

All movements must be carried out charismatically, playfully, energetically - as if this is the last moment in your life!

Tango only for two

Argentine dance can not be performed withoutPartner. A man acts as a leader. He should not take his eyes off the partner to the very last chords, showing her his admiration and adoration. The man supports the woman throughout the whole room, directs her, leads her to the dance, helps turn around and turns, supports in slopes and bends, throws it and puts it on the floor. A woman, however experienced in dance, should trust the partner, obey him, feel his movements and desires. She must radiate femininity, be malleable.

You can start practicing withoutPartner / partner. To work out the male / female technique should be in front of the mirror, you can use the self-instruction manual or contact the instructor. At the final stage, when mastering a dance without a pair, it's impossible to do, and even more so alone you can not perform tango.

First steps

Steps are the main element of all tango movements. Step should be taken for each strong chord melody (usually they alternate with quiet parts at intervals of 1-2 seconds). Practice at a slow pace for one or two, then go on to the standard movement in tango: two quick steps to strong chords of the melody and one slow step.

The direction of movement in this dance is specialDoes not matter. You can go clockwise around the perimeter of the hall, counterclockwise, along the room or along its edge. If you are not alone on the court, learn how to quickly change direction so as not to interfere with other dancers. When driving back, the head can be turned to the side, so that there is a review behind the back. The woman should look to the right, the man to the left.

The technique of leg movement is quite simple: First put the foot on the toe, then on the full foot, as if imitating sliding on the surface. The body should be shifted slightly forward, the step begins with the nose and the front half of the foot. Legs should be straightened more than usual, springy, but smoothly.

To master all the figures of tango, in one lesson, fix no more than 2-3 elements. During training, enjoy every movement, have fun and be charged with emotions.

Dance figures

Having mastered the basic step, go to the penetrations, turns, movements. Combine the figures of tango can be at your discretion, follow a strict algorithm is not necessary.

La Cadencia - take two steps without moving.
La Caza - the second step after the first, without moving from the spot.
Las Cunitas - steps forward, backward or sideways with a slight twist in either direction. This figure allows you to gracefully skirt obstacles or bypass other pairs.
El Circulo - moving around in a large circle with a gradual turn. This figure also helps to beautifully avoid getting closer to other couples.
Salida - a figure of steps, forming the letter U. The second option - a figure of tango of steps on the big letter L.

More complex elements are just an alternation of a few simple figures. To perform a beautiful and bright dance, combine and combine the mastered elements boldly.

Experiment with steps, movements, attribute. The most popular symbol of tango is the scarlet rose, clamped in the teeth of the partner.

For example, start with a step in place, thenMake a series of steps in one direction, sharply turn 180 degrees, make a deep deflection back and again move now in a circle, changing the length of the steps.

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