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Like a vacuum cleaner computer

How vacuuming computer

The computer - a device that runs continuously.

As a result, the dust accumulated on the computer, which can cause electrostatic discharge and cause a burn unit.

In addition, dust on the cooler may impair its cooling properties.

The process of purification of the computer with the help of a vacuum cleaner is not too difficult, but it has some of the subtleties.



First, open the computer cover. Vacuums computer in two ways. The first method is to clean the surface. You need a vacuum cleaner that has a return air exhaust mode. To produce such a process needs to be on the balcony. Dust contained on the computer can cause allergic reactions, so it is not recommended to vacuum in a closed and unventilated room.


Having endured the body to the balcony, turn on the vacuum cleaner. With the help of a regime that will blow the air start cleaning your computer. Set the required power. It should be exactly this, what is required for blowing dust. Not touching the computer parts begin to vacuum the computer. First of all, start the process of cleaning dust from coolers. Then move from top to bottom on the details of the computer.


The second way is to complete the cleaningcomputer. To do this, remove all the computer parts. Now start vacuuming every one of them. Separately, vacuum the body. Such a method can provide a more complete freedom from dust, than the first. Do not touch the computer details of the cleaner tube. It is possible to use a special nozzle which is narrower than the tube cleaner. It will provide a higher pressure to blow the computer parts.

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