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How to have a good time on tour in Cyprus


How to have a good time on tour in Cyprus</a>

Planning a trip to Cyprus and looking forward to a goodRest, do not forget that for travel you will need a tourist visa, you need to arrange it in advance, and also it is desirable to book a room in the hotel.

How to go to Cyprus yourself

Many residents of northern countries dream ofWinter on the warm coast, under the gentle southern sky, to rest on the golden sand. Popular tourist destinations - Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, China and Thailand attract travelers at any time of the year: in summer and winter, in autumn, leisure in Cyprus will be enjoyed by all. The mild climate, clean air and picturesque nature make these countries extremely popular with tourists from different countries. How to go to Cyprus on your own?

To choose a tour operator that offersThe most attractive in price vouchers to the islands of the Mediterranean, the Middle East or Thailand, you can take advantage of the numerous online information services that allow you not only to compare the price of similar trips with different operators, but also to choose and buy a ticket.

On such sites you can preliminarilyBook rooms in hotels around the world, and if you prefer to travel independently, you can find the most optimal tours to Cyprus, buy a plane ticket or train with a few mouse clicks. For this, you do not even need to get up from a comfortable chair, and the purchase will take only a few minutes.

Visa to Cyprus

Thinking about how to go to Cyprus on your own,Do not forget that to visit this island state will require a visa. To do this, you need to prepare the necessary package of documents:

  • Valid passport (its validity period should not end before half a year after the end of the trip) -
  • Prepare a copy of the first page of this document, attach a photograph 3 x 4 cm-
  • If a child is traveling abroad before the age of 18,Also notarized consent of parents for a trip, if he travels alone, he will need a birth certificate (and his copy), a power of attorney from the parents (and a copy).

A certificate must be attached to the package of documentsOn wages, drawn up on the company's letterhead, indicating the position held and wages for the past six months. This requirement applies to tourists who do not have a Schengen visa. The embassy will need to fill out a special form with their personal data. The processing of the Cyprus visa can take from one to five days.

Buying a ticket for a plane, you need to immediately buyTicket for the return flight, and when crossing the border of Cyprus to carry cash (at least 50-70 euros per day per tourist). In addition, customs officers have the right to check the voucher for accommodation in the hotel. It is necessary to know that no archaeological finds can be exported from Cyprus without proper authorization.

Hotels in Cyprus, services and options

Mediterranean resorts attractTravelers with the level of service, quality of services, the proposed tourists, security and the ability to cognitively spend time. Most hotels meet all international standards, therefore, thinking about how to go to Cyprus on your own, you can not be afraid to stay in a hotel with dirty laundry or poison yourself by trying local cuisine. Regardless of the cost of the tour to Cyprus and the class of the hotel, visitors are offered various animation and entertainment programs.

For a fee, tourists can cruiseTo Syria, Lebanon or Egypt. There is an opportunity to visit the oceanarium, make a night walk around the island, try to dive, visit the ancient Greek ruins of old cities, see the place where you left the sea foam Aphrodite, climb Mount Olympus.

National holidays of the Cypriots also deserveAttention. If you have enough time, you can spend a memorable trip and have a great rest at any time of the year. Particularly enjoyable in winter rest in Cyprus, the weather there at this time is very different from the Russian.

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