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How to lighten the tooth enamel

How to lighten the tooth enamel

Whiter teeth return professional treatments.

But help maintain color simple and affordable in many ways.

According to Professor Bradley of BeysuendzheraIndiana State University in the US, the best way to whiten teeth is chewing gum. If you chew it immediately after a meal within 20 minutes, the plaque on your teeth will be formed much more slowly.

Avoid the formation of plaque dark water will help. Suffice it to rinse your mouth after every meal. And dentists recommend drinking milk. Calcium, which is contained in this product creates a thin film on the enamel and protects against contained in food and beverages acid stained teeth.

Also, to lighten the teeth by using vegetables. For example, in one tomato contains vitamin C, malic acid, and cellulose. This prevents the formation of plaque and cleans teeth from bacteria.

Gentle lightening effect and can givewhitening toothpaste. They include high-performance polishing microparticles that intensive conventional means remove plaque, which creates the effect of whiteness. And before going to bed can use special whitening serum, which are produced by many manufacturers.

Visit the dentist, the doctor will recommend that youthe best way to bleach the enamel, based on the assessment of the state of your teeth. Do not try on their own folk ways of lightening, it can lead to irreversible consequences.

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