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HOW light a fire in the winter

How to light a fire in the winter

Survival skills are an integral part of knowledge and experience.

The most severe climatic period onterritory of the Russian Federation is the beginning and the end of winter, when the air temperature is very low, and the energy for heating has to spend significantly more than in other periods. In the winter forest people also need heating.

As a simple heat source, you can select the fire.



Clear the snow from the place of firewood and campfire if fireplace will not get close.


Seek out a few dead trees, asIt will be easier to start a fire and keep it than if you use the raw wood. We are looking for firewood various sizes: thick it will be easier to cut if you have the foresight to take with a small ax or handsaw. Collect also firewood, small twigs. If you do not dry fuel, and it is useful to advance to grab a liquid to ignite or paper.


Take firewood and wring from it a thick beam. Lay it on the site of the future fire. You can put a crumpled paper, if there is one available. You can use dry fuel tablets.


Above and around add thicker twigs,placing them crosswise on top of the tent type. Try to give the structure stability. The thickest logs leave at a later time, when a fire breaks out enough.


Light the firewood, paper, dry fuel. To do this, use a match or a gas lighter.


As long as the fire does not flare up slowly enoughdegree, watched him carefully and do not let it fade away. If you notice that it weakens, even enclose twigs or paper. You can use thin slivers, planed them ax blade or knife.


If you did everything correctly, you will inflame rather intense flame. Enclose larger wood into it.

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