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LIFTING garage doors: pros and cons

Lifting garage doors: pros and cons

The principle of operation of lifting the gate for the garages is that the shutter curtain rises, revealing the entrance to the room.

Such gates are increasingly popular because they are easy to operate, reliable and aesthetically attractive.

Lifting gate shield type

This type of automatic gates to the garage asusually equipped with a tilt-up mechanism. When you open the switchboards fabric rises, turning 90 degrees. The gate of this type are made of different materials, the most popular of them are steel sheets, trimmed with wooden planks. The construction of panel webs may be made from multicomponent sandwich panels.

Currently, this type of garage doorIt sets relatively rare. They are characterized by high consumption of electricity. In addition, due to the considerable weight of panel paintings lifting and rotating mechanism often fails.

The most resistant to cracking deemed garage door switchboard type. The easiest way to open the roller gate attackers.

Sectional roll-up gates

The cloth of this type of gate is slidably connected sections. When they opened up the rails up and, reaching up to the ceiling, bend via swivel.

Door sections, usually made fromsandwich panels constituting a polyurethane layer thickness of 4 cm in a steel casing. Internal and external side sections galvanize and covered with polyester layer of any color. The outer side of the panels is often done in the form of broad bands or panels.

Within the sectional door leaf can be positioned on a steel sheet with a thickness of 0.5 mm to 3 mm. This does not affect the appearance and operation of the gate, but it will give them the strength of the armored doors.

Advantages of sectional overhead doors can be calledlow thermal conductivity, good sealing, attractive appearance and long life. Moreover, for their opening does not require additional space inside or outside of the garage. The main disadvantage of this type of gate is a relatively high cost.

Roll or roller gates

The panels in this type of gate is much narrower than in thesectional doors. Typically, their width not exceeding 7 cm. When lifting the narrow sections coiled on the drum, secured inside or outside of the garage. The drum is usually located in an aluminum box.

Section roller gates are made of steel or aluminum profile filled with polyurethane foam. This lightweight and durable material provides high mobility of joints.

The advantages of roller gates, you can take themcompactness, lightness, ease of installation and low cost. Their disadvantages are the small width of the overlapping openings and insufficient stability of the sectional webs to mechanical impact (cracking).

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