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How to lift the stroller up the stairs

How to lift the stroller up the stairs

Residents of private houses and first floors of the problem is unfamiliar.

But for those who live just above, and even in homes where there is no elevator, wheelchair up the stairs sometimes turns into a real problem.

And a simple trip to the store with a stroller may cause unexpected problem: not all outlets are equipped with ramps.

Lift carriage up the stairs it is possible ways to do this and there are at least three.

The first way - the power

This method is suitable for stand-alone moms,having sufficient physical strength. You just need to take a carriage for the opposite edges, lift it and march up the stairs, holding it aloft. If you intend to use just such a method, it is better to choose the most lightweight wheelchair design.

As a rule, they can be used without problems if the baby carriage, but with strollers-transformers, heavy models this way of recovery may not be feasible.

Method two - dependency

You can find someone who will raisestroller for you. For example, if your staircase safe enough to agree with her husband that every morning, going to work, it will lower the stroller on the lower platform, and in the evening to pick it up in an apartment.
Despite the seeming simplicity of this method has a number of disadvantages:
- While leaving the wife to work and his return may not coincide with the schedule of your walks with the child, if, for example, it is working in shifts or shifts.

- You simply do not have a spouse, as well as other family members or good neighbors with the necessary physical data for daily lift wheelchair up the stairs.
- Entrance tenants can express dissatisfaction over the fact that your stroller takes place in the stairwell.
You can, of course, each time waiting for someone who will help you to raise the carriage, but this is extremely inconvenient and unreliable: athletes, volunteers may not be around at the right time.

The third way - a cunning

You can lift the stroller up the stairs andindependently, showing a certain degree of skill. The trick is that you can simply throw a stroller, and it can be done even when it is a child.
To do this, run the following sequence of steps:
- Lifted the upper wheel kolyaski-
- Are placed on the edge of the step to which they dostayut-
- Lifted the lower wheel kolyaski-
- Carriage is transported on the upper wheels, as it allows the width stupenki-
- Lower wheel carriages are installed on the step, and the whole procedure is repeated.

Some prefer to roll the wheelchair in a ladder, climbing back and forcing carriage "walk" followed.

Physically, this is much easier than to keep the stroller in the air, but the procedure becomes quite long, so you can use it if you need to lift the wheelchair only a few spans.
Furthermore, the inconvenience of this method isthat not every staircase allows to do this trick. If it has, for example, are too narrow or steep stairs, lift carriage in such a way will not work.

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