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Life and death joystick

Types joysticks

Perhaps those who are now over 20, still can confidently tell you that this joystick.

But those who are now 12-14 years old, this device is much less familiar.

That's because the joysticks are gradually giving way to new management instruments.

Verbatim joystick translates to English as "WandDelights. " It is a device information input, which is swinging on two planes handle. By moving it forwards, backwards, left or right, the user changes the position of anything on your screen. Various additional buttons are also present on it that perform specified functions. Most of all, the joystick is used in computer games and mobile phones.

Types joysticks

There are various types of technologies and joysticks. They can be one-dimensional, two-dimensional and even three-dimensional. Joysticks are also divided into digital and analog. The first signal is sent to a computer either 0 or 1, and each movement moves the cursor one position on the screen.

digital joystick

The analog signal is changing gradually, depending on the angle of inclination of the handle, the more it is rejected, the greater the signal strength.

History joystick

If you look at history, the first application of the lever from swinging handle was used in the Confederate submarine, which was found in 2001 near Charleston, Louisiana. well and the first electric joystickIt was used by the Nazis as far back as 1943to control the missile. In our time, they have become to many diverse that they are often difficult to recognize even from the classical type, to which we have become accustomed to three-dimensional, which does not have any buttons, as controlled by a simple movement of the hand in space.

non-contact control, driving without a joystick to control a wave of

First game joysticks connected to the computer via pyatidinovy ​​raze on the type of computer ZX Spectrum. Many people remember the good old computerswhich reads the program through a regular cassette player. With the development of digital technology, this unit also has become complicated in design and functionality. Now it connects via USB, which is present in all modern computers.

For video games, you can pick any joystick, from classic to complicated, let's say, to simulate the vehicle steering wheel with pedals for the world famous game "Need for Speed". A current design Joystick for PlayStation in general makes one doubt that this is something akin to the control levers.

manage the power of thought without a joystick

In your hands is a device that you can use a hundred percent, because each finger of your hand can perform some action. There justified mnienie that soonjoysticks passin a completely different planeAnd we can managecomputer games or the power of thought.

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