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LEUKEMIA: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Leukemia: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Leukemia or leukemia - a malignant lesion of hematopoiesis.

In the blood, there is the uncontrolled accumulation of white and immature cells - white blood cells. The reasons for the development of leukemia enough.

These include - radiation damage, infections and viruses, hereditary factors, certain medications.

The symptoms of leukemia

  • Weakness and fast utomlyaemost-
  • Tendency to constant prostudam-
  • Pale skin pokrovov-
  • Often acute leukemia may be accompanied by high temperaturoy-
  • There is an increase in the spleen, liver and lymph open sites
  • Some time later joins hemorrhagic diathesis and cachexia.

Diagnosis of leukemia

The diagnosis of leukemia is exposed after a series of analyzes and studies. These include:

  • The medical osmotr-
  • Study of bone mozga-
  • Blood test-
  • Immunofenotipirovanie-
  • cytogenetic issledovanie-
  • In some cases, investigations may take cerebrospinal fluid.

forms of leukemia

There are 2 main forms of leukemia - acute myeloid is and acute lymphoblastic.

leukemia Treatment

When the diagnosis of leukemia, treatment should be administered immediately. This disease is very insidious and growing quite rapidly. Such a patient hospitalized in the hematology hospital.

The main method of treatment of leukemia is chemotherapy. In some cases a hemopoietic stem cell transplantation. Also carried out the transfusion of donor lymphocytes.

Recently, for the treatment of leukemia using modern drugs that help in the fight against cancer cells.

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