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Give old furniture a second chance


When as a result of repair it is necessary to throw outOld furniture, it is simply impossible to part with some objects. And not only because they are part of the family history, but also often do not cause any criticism in terms of technical condition. And the only reason for throwing out furniture is its appearance, which does not fit into the updated interior.

You will need

  • - Large sandpaper-
  • - Fine sandpaper-
  • - Primer-
  • - Paint-
  • - Brushes or roller-
  • - Gloves.



The only opportunity to leave the old furniture -Renovate or decorate it so that it becomes a harmonious component of the new interior. The simplest, but effective way is to repaint the furniture.


Before embarking on painting, furnitureMust be prepared for work. The required subject should be completely disassembled if there is such a technical capability. If not, you will have to work in more difficult conditions.


Since the process of processing and subsequent paintingIs a rather dirty work, it is better to move along with the object of decor on the balcony, or cover the floor and surrounding objects with plastic wrap or newspapers.


To begin with, all surfaces of furniture need to be sandedLarge sandpaper. You should be careful with chipboard and fiberboard, since special diligence can lead to the fact that you will rub the surface, and then you will additionally fill in flaws and irregularities. After all the surfaces are processed, the dust formed is brushed by a wide brush.


The next stage is the treatment with fine sandpaper. It is enough to walk a little on all surfaces and pay special attention to places where the large nazhdachka simply did not reach.


After preliminary processing it is necessaryCarefully clean the working area, so that dust and other particles do not settle on the furniture during priming and painting. Similarly, you will need to wipe with a clean damp rag all the treated surfaces.

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When the furniture is completely dry, you can proceedTo primer painting. The primer coating will save on the paint and provide a more light and smooth application. Before applying, it is worth to carefully read the instructions, as each series and manufacturers have their own peculiarities of use.


After the primer is completely dry, the furniture is readyTo staining. As for paint, in its choice it is necessary to focus on the features of the furniture itself. If it is made of natural wood, the best option is transparent paints. This, in particular, glazes, varnishes and drying oil. For furniture made of particleboard, fiberboard and other inexpensive materials it is better to use thick, water-soluble paints, for example, acrylic.


Before painting, you need to remove all the details from the furniture -Handles, hinges, etc. Painting the surface should always be in one direction, if you are painting a tree - then along the fibers. In the room where the work takes place, it should be quite dry. The increased humidity will negatively affect the quality of the result. Apply a second coat of paint can only after the first one has dried. Usually, one or two layers are enough to completely transform old furniture.

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