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Releasing the past

Do not focus on the past

Sometimes the thought of the events that occurred in the distant past, regret the mistakes are not allowed to enjoy the present and hinder plans for the future.

To let go of what was, and live here and now, you need to understand yourself.



Realize that the past will not return. Understand that you have become a different person, living in a different time and thoughts should be in the present. Take a dive in the futility of the former again and again - then take the first step to ensure that live in the present.


Consider the events of your past,the thought of which do not allow you to live in peace. It is important to do the work on their own mistakes and constructive conclusions for the future. Adjust your behavior, take the lesson from the past, become smarter, wiser and more experienced.


Believe that all leads you to the best. Whatever events or developed, eventually they add up the best way for you. Suppose that while you can not see it. It just means that fate has not finished weaving their curlicue.


Realize that thoughts have a significant impactthat happens in your life. Negativity, guilt, regret, can affect the circumstances around you. Aim of thought to another, positive way, and you will see how to change the world around you.


Take a break from thinking about the past. Perhaps you still remember about the past because in this you do not have enough strong, bright, positive impressions. Try to make your life a little more full, rich, slightly insane. New events, dating, occupation, experience should displace gloomy thoughts that had once been.


Try to pay more attention to whatthe here and now. Try to wake up, wake up from the obsessive thoughts and immerse yourself in the present moment. Focus on what is around you, or what you are doing at the moment. Do not live on the machine.

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