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How to legalize land seizure


How to legalize land seizure</a>

Some people self-baked land of general use is carried out in the case when there is no possibility to erect a building object on legal grounds.

However, over time, all the same, you have to register your land and buildings on it in accordance with the norms and standards of Russian legislation.



As a rule, such a need arisesDue to the imposition of penalties on the part of state control bodies, or during trials between the two sides of the conflict over the disputed territory. The procedure for legalizing land squatting depends on how and when you arbitrarily occupied the state or private land.
To issue land squatting Lands, First of all, find out if the plot is inCadastral registry. If it is not there, transfer it into your property will not be very difficult. It is enough to apply to the department of land cadastre of your region that you want to become the owner of this site.


The situation is much more complicated if the landSomeone belongs, although for a long time and is not used for their intended purpose. Then you will have to purchase this site from the rightful owner. Unfortunately, there is no other way.


If you do not know how to formalize land acquisition Lands, Seek professional helpLawyers who are well versed in land legislation. Each case of self-seizure has its own nuances and features, and it should be considered separately. There is no general scheme and sequence of actions, following which it is possible to register an arbitrarily occupied land plot.


In any case, if you are poorly versed inLegislation and do not have the appropriate education, it is better to contact professionals. Thus, you can avoid many problems and difficulties. Depending on the complexity of the case, the registration of land squatting can last long enough, so be patient and trust professionals. They know how to legalize land squatting Lands, And will do everything in the best possible way.


After you registered arbitrarilySeized plot of land, you can build on it any structures and make redevelopment. Keep all documentation on the ground in a safe place, away from prying eyes. This will allow you in case of what to sell the land to earn a little money.

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