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Leaving in the first flight

How to go to the first flight

In Russia there are a few schools that prepare seafarers to river and sea fleet.

After their completion before the guys who do not have the experience, the question arises of how to leave on the first flight, after all need people who have already proven themselves.

It is understood that, sitting on the couch at home, find a job will be difficult, so count on the fact that you will come and offer it, it is not necessary.

We need to act.



Arrange all the necessary documents. Sign up for the exchange of sailors visit all crewing companies, which are available in your town. Do not neglect and acquaintances - you need to use every chance. The more you leave your data, the more likely it is that you find a job.


Do not forget about the technological progress, useInternet capabilities. This will significantly expand the geography of your searches, and thus increase the probability of finding a job. Many marine agencies already have their own websites. Find them with the help of search engines and fill in the questionnaire that they offer. Some companies send forms to fill in the e-mail account you specified.


Do not be afraid to start small. Your main task - to get their first experience, so do not chase money - try to go to my first flight on the Cadet Program, it is necessaryIt will not just pass a very difficult test. Such programs have many companies. If you have a head on their shoulders and the desire, then the prospects for better jobs you will have after one - two flights cadet.


And the most important thing: Today, without the knowledge of the English language in the fleet to do nothing. If you can not do yourself, sign up for special courses. Master the language at least a minimum volume - this will significantly increase your chances of leaving can be faster in its first flight.

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