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How to leave the past

How to leave the past

Our whole life is like a black-and-white zebra.

When it occur happy event,Of course, we are happy. But when there is something terrible and negative, to get rid of unpleasant sensations in the soul it is almost impossible, and the whole point is lost later in life.

Often, infirm people care and cherish a grudge in my heart all my life and can not part with it.

How to forget the past?

How to purify the soul from negative thoughts and start to smile again?



Think of all the insults from his childhood to the present day. In order to write a past at rest and forget about it, it is necessary to forgive allinsults and try to understand their abusers. Think of the most painful hurt in my life. Which is why it occurred, and who was the culprit happened? Try to find a fault not only an outsider, but in ourselves. If you are able to forgive, then we took fully what has happened in the past. Of course, I'm sorry, you will not forget a grudge, but every time his thoughts returning to the situation, you will not suffer.


There is a wonderful way to forget all the unpleasantmoments in his past. Take a large sheet of paper and write on it all their thoughts and grievances, all the things that tormented many years. Do not hesitate in expressions. It is your own thoughts and from them you do not have secrets and complexes. But do not rush to re-read it. You have to burn this sheet. However, it will be burned up past hurts and failures, and you will quickly forget past. Believe me, it works really! Fire stone throw from the soul, and you will feel relieved and complete satisfaction is.


Understanding past mistakes and to forgive is not alwaysenough. Usually our terrible memories crawl out of the depths of memory of the past in times of loneliness and boredom. So try to diversify their leisure time work, activities and entertainment, not to be alone with his thoughts. As much as possible to walk and have fun.

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