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How to go abroad with the animal

How to go abroad with the animal

It begins velvet season, and did not have time to relax in the summer go to warmer climes. Sometimes you have to take with you and our younger brothers.

For each mill has its own restrictions on the import of animals, but should pay attention to the general rules.

You will need

  • a pet passport.



For 40-45 days before the trip to make homemadethe animal vaccinated against rabies and other designated veterinarian (be sure to tell the doctor what country you are going). Make sure that he has put the stamp and signature in the passport of your pet. After immunization with the animal can not walk on the street 10-12 days.


Two weeks before departure spend treatment of worms and ectoparasites. This fact should be recorded in the passport of the animal.


By purchasing a ticket, make sure that you have selectedairline engaged in transportation of pets. Tell the operator to transport the animal at time of booking. Check the conditions of carriage. Usually shipping weight per animal is allowed in the cabin no more than 8 kilograms, along with the cell. Transportation larger pets held in the baggage compartment.


2 days before the trip, refer to the district veterinary clinic and get a document for the export of the animal. When leaving the EU countries and some other countries the animal should be to implant a chip under the skin.


Select an animal comfortable carrying. It should not be too tight. Put portability on the floor and start to accustom your pet to it. Leave to carry pieces of goodies, encourage, if the animal it comes.


The day before the trip go to a veterinary clinic and a clinical examination of the animal go. Get the corresponding mark in the pet passport. Reduce the portion of food animal.


Put the animal in a carrier, put backlittle food and water. At the airport 3-4 hours before departure pass veterinary control. Present documents: the animal passport, the document for export, and a certificate for the chip (if there was chipping). Get International certificate for the export of the animal.


Complete registration and weigh the animal, along with the cell. This weight will pay a sverhbagazh.


After arriving pass veterinary control and go to a place of rest.

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