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LEASE business: is it profitable to buy premises


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It is beneficial to buy office real estate in the city center. Its payback period in comparison with the payback period of apartments in new buildings and the secondary market is much smaller.

In general, it is beneficial to invest in real estate that can pay off in 7 years.

The source of income can be various segmentsReal estate market. It is both about ready-made objects, and about residential and commercial as well as land plots. Today, the most demand is not for those objects, which are growing prices, but those that can be leased and have a stable income. The most attractive in this respect are the objects of affordable regional real estate, because you can get more income from their renting. It is more profitable to acquire the objects of the primary market under construction, even despite the risks.
; To date, experts predictA large influx of investment in warehouses, office real estate and hotels. Today is the best time for investors who want to invest in commercial real estate: prices are reduced, there are few buyers, so in conditions of reviving the commercial real estate market it will be profitable to sell or lease it.

How to calculate the payback of commercial real estate

Commercial real estate is represented by commercialAnd office space. Commercial real estate is more attractive for investments, but its cost can not be paid to most people, moreover, it is easy to change tenants between 9 months. That is, it takes just as much time to need a new tenant to repair the premises for the specificity of their business. Office real estate purchased in the center of the metropolis for 15 million rubles with a total area of ​​100 m? Can be leased for 100,000 rubles a month, then its payback will be 12.5 years.
, 12 years - a considerable period, but the payback periodTwo-bedroom apartment in a panel new building will be 18 years or more, since the owner still has to pay taxes for leasing, do for their money, cosmetic repairs and pay for utilities during the period of the apartment's idle time between the change of tenants. The payback of a 3-room apartment in a monolithic house will be 20 years, 2-room apartment in Stalin's house - 18 years. It is most profitable to invest in a one-room apartment in a panel house: its payback will be about 15 years with minimal costs for cosmetic repairs and less than 14 days.

What is more profitable

It can be concluded that office real estate withPoint of view of investing is the most attractive, since 1 m? Costs more than 1 m? Residential real estate, and pays off faster. While the owner of the apartment is forced to spend money on repair and purchase of furniture, office space is rented without it, and cosmetic repairs are performed at the expense of the tenant. In general, a good return on property is 7 years, if this figure is higher, then investing in such real estate is unprofitable.

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