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Lease business: is it profitable to buy the premises

Office rooms

More profitable to buy office properties in the city center. Its payback time compared with a payback period of apartments in new buildings and the secondary market is much smaller.

Generally profitable to invest in real estate that could be recouped in the last 7 years.

The source of income may be different segmentsthe real estate market. We are talking about ready-made objects, and a residential and commercial, as well as land. Today, the greatest demand is not the objects that prices are rising, and those that can be leased and have a stable income from this. The biggest attraction in this regard are the objects of affordable regional real estate as you can get a better return on their rent. More profitable to buy the construction sites of the primary market, despite the risks.
; Experts predict Todaya large influx of investment in warehouses, office properties and hotels. Today is the best time for investors wishing to invest in commercial real estate: prices reduced buyers is small, so the condition of reviving the real estate market can be profitable to sell or lease.

How to calculate return on commercial real estate

; Commercial Real Estate represented the tradeand office space. Commercial real estate investment more attractive, but its price is too expensive for most people, besides a simple change between tenants can reach 9 months. That is, that is how much time it will take the new tenant to renovate space for the specifics of their business. Office property acquired in the center of the metropolis of 15 million rubles, the total area of ​​100 m ?, you can lease for 100,000 rubles a month, while its return on investment will be 12.5 years.
; 12 years - a considerable period, but the payback periodone-bedroom apartment in a panel building will reach 18 years or more, as the owner has to pay taxes on renting, do for their money redecorating and pay utility bills during the downtime between change of apartment tenants. Payback 3-bedroom apartment in the monolithic house is 20 years old, 2-bedroomed in Stalin - 18 years. The most profitable to invest in a one-room apartment in the panel house: her return will be about 15 years at minimal cost to repair and easy less than 14 days.

What's more profitable

; We can conclude that the office property withterms of investment is the most attractive, since 1 m? worth more than 1 m? residential real estate and pays for itself quickly. While the owner of the apartment has to be spent on the repair and purchase of furniture, office premises are without, and repair is carried out by the tenant. In general a good indicator of the real estate recoupment is 7 years, if this figure is higher, then invest in a profitable real estate.

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