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Learning a foreign language by the method of Ilya Frank: features and efficiency

Learning a foreign language by the method of Ilya Frank: features and efficiency

Among the many different methods of learning a foreign language one of the most popular is the method of Ilya Frank. What is it?

It's very simple - in reading parallel texts in Russian and foreign languages.

In the study of any foreign language, in addition togeneral grammatical base, essential vocabulary. Expand your vocabulary can be only through practice: speech perception or practice (read foreign literature, watching movies, TV shows, etc.).

What is this method is?

Methods Ilya Frank - a great way to passive language acquisition. It comes at the expense of reading adapted texts in the foreign and Russian languages.

The author of this methodology writes: "Memorizing words and phrases, as well as getting used to the grammatical structures occurs when reading this course, due to repetition."

The original work is broken into pieces. After each of the foreign language to be translated and a small lexical and grammatical comment.

The advantage of this method is mastering the language,that the lexicon is stored not by cramming and naturally due to multiple repetition of the word. Another plus method Ilya Frank - the words are repeated in different contexts, it helps to see the difference in semantics ambiguous words.

Efficiency procedure.

This method of learning the language is difficult to callineffective, because if you pay to read a couple of hours a day, a month your vocabulary will be more on the 1000-1500 words. Regular reading of this method in just one year really learn to read freely on any unfamiliar foreign language.

When reading method Ilya Frank rabotet a mechanical memory, so memorizing requires almost no effort, only a large number of repetitions needed.

There are many books that are adapted forthe method of Ilya Frank, who can help in the development not only of a number of European languages ​​(English, French, German, Spanish, Italian), but many difficult oriental languages. But do not forget that this method - only addition to the general program of learning a foreign language, easy way to get a new vocabulary.

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