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How to learn to write rap

How to learn how to write a rap

Rappers? street poets, but who knows that their work fits well in the fictional framework? Rap - this is not free verse, it must have a certain internal structure and rhyming.

Rap in its versification system is accentual verse. Do you want that your writing would not depart from the literary traditions and norms?

Then go ahead!

Our step by step guide will help you in creating the right, reperskih rhymed texts.



Create a text to the number of syllables ineach row was equal. If the first line you have 8 syllables, then in the following lines, there should be just eight. Recall how many vowels, so many syllables.


Proceed to rhyme. Remember, what kinds of schemes and rifmovok happen, use the one that you like the most. A better - Practice creating different rhyming texts.


rifmovok Schemes:

a) Combo? rhyme when the first line with the second, second and third, etc. Graphically, this is represented as: a a b b? (The same letter? This rhyming lines).

b) Cross? when the first verse rhymes with the third, and the second with chetvertym-? and b ?, and b thus rhyming lines intersect with each other.

c) Annular? when the first line rhymes with the fourth, and the second with the third. It turns out that the lines form a kind of ring rhyme (? A b b a?).

g) Woven? the most complex and diverse rhyme. There may be many options rhyme: the first line rhymes with the fourth, the second with the sixth, the third to fifth, etc.


Types of rhymes:

a) Accurate? when all sounds the same standing after the final accent (love? carrots, snuggle? hang)

b) Inaccurate? when such a coincidence is not observed (heat? I trembled reason? taught).


Watch for the content of his text, meaning reperskogo text should be clear to anyone who hears it.


Do not forget about the means of expression. The use of comparisons, metaphors will make your text richer and brighter. Rap, in which there is a comparison and figuratively interesting to listen to, and the author of the text will be much more pleasant to read. The more comparisons, the better, do not be afraid to go too far, it could be yours? Chip ?.


Include references of your text (specifics). If you mention some event or person, call them by name. Describe specific examples of specific individuals, run by abstract values. Reference will bring your text to reality.


Follow the rhythm. Tap to fend him as. We have already said that rap? It is inherently accentual verse, that is, between the stressed syllables in each line is made equal to the number of unstressed. Such a text would sound smoothly and rhythmically. All steps have been taken, lung and rhythmic texts you!

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