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How to learn to write rap


How to learn to write rap</a>

Rappers? Poets of the streets, but who knows that their work fits well in the literary framework? Rap - this is not a free verse, it should have an internal structure and a certain rhyme.

Rap in its versification system is an accent verse. Do you want your texts not to deviate from literary traditions and norms?

Then go ahead!

Our step-by-step instruction will help you in creating the right, rhymed rapper texts.



Create a text such that the number of syllables in theEach line was equal. If you have 8 syllables in the first line, then there should be eight in the next lines. Recall how many vowels, so many syllables.


Start rhyming. Remember what schemes and types of rhymes are, use the one that you like the most. Better - practice by creating texts with different rhymes.


Rhyme schemes:

A) Related? When the first line rhymes with the second, the second with the third, etc. This is represented graphically in the following way:? А а б б? (The same letters are rhyming lines).

B) Cross-referencing? When the first verse rhymes with the third and the second with the fourth verse, so the rhyming lines cross each other.

C) The ring one? When the first line rhymes with the fourth, and the second with the third. It turns out that the lines form a kind of ring in rhyme (? A b a?).

D) Woven? The most complex and varied rhyme. Here there can be many variants of rhymes: the first line rhymes with the fourth, the second with the sixth, the third with the fifth, etc.


Types of rhymes:

A) Accurate? When all the sounds that stand after the final stress coincide (love "carrots, caress?")

B) Inaccurate? When such a coincidence is not observed (the heat "shook, the reason" was taught).


Keep track of the content of your text, the meaning of the rapper text should be clear to everyone who hears it.


Do not forget about expressive means. Using comparisons, metaphors will make your text richer and brighter. Rap, in which there are comparisons and portable senses are interesting to listen to, and the author of the text will be much more pleasant to read it. The more comparisons, the better, do not be afraid to overdo it, it can become your "chip".


Include in your text references (specifics). If you mention an event or person, call them by their names. Describe specific examples of specific individuals, run away from abstract values. The references will bring your text closer to reality.


Observe the rhythm. Beat him like a tinker. We already said that rap? This is inherently an accent verse, that is, between stressed syllables in each line make an equal number of unstressed. This text will sound exactly and rhythmically. All steps are passed, easy and rhythmic texts to you!

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