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How to learn to weave on themselves braids

French braid

Braid pigtails easy to imagine. They can be traditional, side, French.

To create a romantic image will need a comb, a large mirror and theoretical knowledge.

Kos has a long history. It makes it so that the hair does not interfere and thus looked amazing.

Tat spit on myself easy. If you want to learn a new kind of weave, then this should be done at the mirror. The ideal would trellis which opens review not only the front but also the sides of the back.


Traditional woven braid of three strands. It was based on this technique, and many others. So "spike" or a French braid is the same technology.

First, the hair must be well comb. Now we need to take the first strand, which grows around the forehead. On either side of it is taken for another strand. Total of 3 - the central and 2 side. The whole process should be seen in a mirror, then it will be clear how to braid a "spike."

Left lock is placed on the center, then ittop - right. To provide designated one, which is now turned to the left, add a little bit of hair growing on this side. You can take the new locks with the help of a hand or sharp tip comb.

The left strand and connected with it a piece of hair from this side is placed in the middle of the main weaving. Now just need to act on the right part of the strand and the hair growing on this side.

It issued the whole head. Then, the length of the remaining hair braid usual braid. It can take the form of a beam, stab pins barrette and decorate. French braid ready.

Side braid

Now it is very fashionable braids, beautifully lying on the right side of the head. Such beauty is also possible to braid their own, sitting near the mirror.

Begin to create the hairstyle is also a centralthe front part of the hair growth. If there is no bangs, you can start with the locks, growing on the temple. Weave applicable here, it is called a "reverse". In contrast to the usual locks are not placed on the side and under the center.

Kos should lie on the right side of the head, so weave on this side. 3 are taken with the same strand of the frontal or temporal part. If a temporal, that is a side parting.

Now added to the right part of the hair provide designated,growing near it on the same side. They are put under the central strand. Similarly, the left weaving is performed. When there was 10 centimeters braids, then to give it a bit of volume necessary to pull the braided strands. Kos will be magnificent.

When the entire right-hand side is framed in such a way,the remaining hair dopletayutsya to get a long braid. It can be left as is or put on the left side of the head and secure with pins, bobby pins. Side braid ready.

With this hairstyle hair will look nice and neat all day.

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