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How to learn to waltz

How to learn to waltz

The Viennese waltz, French, fashioned, boston? All of us faint with delight when the scene lifted the pair and easily spinning in waltz time.

But this ease? the result of daily work and discipline.

During the dance, you need to not only hear music, but feel it, and together with the knowledge of the basic steps of the waltz for it provides an excellent result.

If you have no sense of tact or hearing, have to strictly follow all instructions.



Imagine a square. Here on this square during training and will need to slide to the rhythm of a waltz. It was later, when already mastered the basic principles of dance, will be spinning, and at the initial stage, try to move the square.


The basic step of the waltz? addl. It is simple in design: one-two-three, one-two-three. Once? right foot step forward, two? left leg and puts in place three? again right leg? in place. When driving back: time? left leg, two? puts his right hand, and on the spot. Three ? left in place. The more often you repeat these movements, the better it will turn out. Note: only the first step? large, second and third? small, subtle.


All movements of the waltz performed smoothly, gliding steps, light in the end of the climb on the toes and go down again. At the beginning of your knees slightly bent, then there is a slight straightening.

How to learn to waltz


When driving back left leg is necessary to draw precise movement back.

First slide pad feet, then go on the toes, back pad and the whole foot.


The movement in the dance goes anti-clockwise, starting with the right foot? forward and left ends? ago.


The man puts his left hand on his waist ladies dancing,Right takes her hand. Beautiful girl puts her hand on the man's shoulder. Hands should be light, half-bent, not tense. Be sure to keep your back straight and smile.
Exercising every day, you can easily master the art of the waltz and again and again surprise your friends and guests of the festival, performing this wonderful dance.

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