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How to learn to dance a waltz


How to learn to dance a waltz</a>

The Vienna waltz, French, figured, waltz-boston? All of us freeze with delight, when the couple rise on the stage and with ease swirl in the rhythm of the waltz.

But this ease? The result of daily work and concentration.

During the dance you need not only to hear the music, but to feel it, and together with the knowledge of the basic steps for the waltz, it provides an excellent result.

If you do not have a sense of tact or hearing, you will have to follow all the instructions clearly.



Imagine a square. Here on this square during training and it will be necessary to slide in the rhythm of the waltz. This later, when you already master the basic principles of dance, you can go round, and at the initial stage try to move around the square.


The main step of the waltz? Attached. It is simple in execution: one-two-three, one-two-three. One? Right foot forward, two? Left foot and put on the spot, three? Again right foot? On the spot. When moving back: time? Left foot, two? We put the right, and on the spot. Three ? Left in place. The more often you repeat these movements, the better it will turn out. Remember: just the first step? Big, second and third? Small, barely perceptible.


All movements of the waltz are executed smoothly, the steps are sliding, light, in the end we rise to the half-toes and again go down. In the beginning, the knees are slightly bent, then there is an easy straightening.

How to learn to dance a waltz


When moving backwards, the left leg should be retracted with an accurate backward movement.

First, we slide the cushion of the foot, then go to the sock, again with the cushion and the entire foot.


Movement in the dance goes counter-clockwise, starts with the right foot? Forward and ends with the left? Back.


The man puts his left hand in the dance at the waist of the lady,The right one takes her hand. The girl puts a beautiful hand on the man's shoulder. Hands should be light, half-bent, not tense. Be sure to keep your back straight and smile.
Exercising every day, you will easily master the art of waltz and more than once surprise friends and guests at the festival, performing this wonderful dance.

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