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How to learn to use the prototyping board (breadboard)

Prototyping board (breadboard)

For a person who starts to explore the worldelectronics may not be obvious to use a tool such as prototyping board - breadboard. Often, in order to quickly gather the layout of some of the electronic circuit on the table, convenient to use breadboard, which eliminates the need for soldering.

And only then, when you check your circuit performance, it will be possible to attend to the creation of the circuit board and soldering.

You will need

  • Prototyping board (breadboard), connecting wires, LED, a button, a resistor with a resistance in the range of 200 ... 500 Ohm battery.



Typical view of the breadboard is presented inFig. There are more complex samples, there are simpler. But the principle of the device remains the same. Prototyping board consists of a plastic base with a plurality of holes, typically 2.54 mm. The holes need to embed their findings of radioactive elements or connecting wires.

Prototyping board (breadboard)


The figure shows the different prototyping board. On the left - a general view, the right color means Guides. Blue - a "minus" scheme, the "red" - plus, green - it guides that you can use at their discretion. Note that the holes are not connected along the breadboard, and across.

Prototyping board (breadboard)


To acquire the skill of working with breadboardyou need to collect a simple circuit as shown in the figure. "Plus" to connect the positive pole of the battery, "minus" - to the negative. Red and green, conductors, pale red and pale green - tracks breadboard. If the circuit is assembled correctly, then pressing the button LED will glow. You see, that is not required to take up the soldering iron to collect electric circuit. It's fast and convenient.

The scheme collected on the breadboard

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