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How to learn to twist a pen in your hand


How to learn to twist a pen in your hand</a>

Torsion of the handle with the fingers is popular not only as entertainment, but also as a special kind of sport - pen spinning.

Teaching this art requires a lot of patience and skill.



Prepare a suitable pen for training. It is desirable that it does not have protruding parts, it was elongated streamlined shape, preferably with a rubber or other non-slip coating. Check if the rod is well fixed in its body, as well as the caps at both ends. For convenience, at the beginning of the training, you can disassemble the pen and train only with its empty case.


Train the sleight of fingers. Raise your hand parallel to the surface of the floor with the handle, holding it in the middle with your index finger and thumb. Try to unbend your fingers, lightly toss the handle upwards and then sharply catch it with the thumb and middle fingers. Train to perform this exercise with different pairs of fingers.


Learn to perform one of the simplestTricks. Clamp the middle of the handle between the ring and middle fingers, creating pressure between them. At the same time one of the ends of the handle should rest against the thumb.


Try to quickly release the end of the handle,Which rests on the thumb. As a result, the handle will fly in the desired direction. After releasing the knob, bend your middle finger back slightly, and try to connect the index finger and the ring finger so that they are crossed over the middle finger. Catch the handle with the middle and ring fingers and again give it a support. Train this trick until you learn how to do it flawlessly. Try to do it with both hands.


Complicate the exercise by gradually loosening the supportHandles on the thumb and acting only with the middle and ring fingers until you learn to perform the trick without support. After that, practice torsion twisting in different directions, fingering it between different fingers, tossing and catching in the air, etc.

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